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About Us

Information of real estate transactions was born, redknee realizes value chain services for customers and sales solutions. Along with a team of professional, dedicated and experienced staff has made an important contribution to the fulfillment of the mission of bringing redknee’s products and services to the next level.

All solutions that redknee provides are analyzed in depth, aiming to serve and solve problems quickly and to satisfy the maximum needs of customers. We not only provide simple real estate products, but also give customers the peace of mind, trust and pride in real estate consulting with the most accurate redknee information.

Redknee’s services include:

Real estate brokerage and consulting: Redknee’s real estate brokerage and consulting services always increase transaction opportunities. Always understanding the needs and choices of customers, we have effective sales plans and solutions as well as advise on market and price solutions for project investors and clients.

Real estate and apartment rental management: Redknee real estate trading floor has a team of dedicated and experienced consultants who will help you manage and transact redknee real estate in accordance with your needs and needs. increase the value of real estate to customers.

With a team of professional, dedicated and experienced staff will ensure to give customers peace of mind and satisfaction when coming to Dat Xanh.


With more than 200 agents and wide partners, it has contributed to distributing thousands of products to customers in the country every year. In particular, with the founding of the G5 alliance – the strong real estate alliance – redknee has covered the whole country and become the largest real estate distribution group in the country.


With more than 2,000 Collaborators who are professional real estate consultants, redknee continues to pioneer in applying a new business model to be ready for international integration and contribute to strengthening the strength of the segment. mix of redknee.

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