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Redknee TCB

Redknee Turnkey Converged Billing 
Redknee’s TCB (Turnkey Converged Billing) is an end-to-end solution that delivers centralized business intelligence, personalized subscriber experience and a full suite of billing capabilities enabling operators around the globe to differentiate from the competition and maximize profitability. 

It fulfills the billing needs for all services, such as mobile, cable, fixed, ISP/broadband, and enables service providers to offer cross service promotions and bundles. TCB provides the tools to deliver a more advanced and personalized user experience to all subscribers and market segments, helping operators to remain competitive.

Beyond Traditional Billing 
With new customer demands, new service offerings and increasing competition, operators need agile billing solutions to match their changing business needs and strategies. 

TCB goes beyond traditional billing. From store-front provisioning, to real-time rating, charging, billing, customer care and invoicing, TCB addresses the full spectrum of a service provider's billing requirements.
  • Optimizes and improves overall subscriber service experience
  • Manage partner relationships
  • Implement agile billing solutions
  • Quickly roll out new services
  • Deliver targeted, real-time promotions
  • Generate additional and entirely new revenues from subscribers
A Centralized Solution for Today’s Operators
TCB centralizes valuable subscriber data onto one enhanced database that is accessed through a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) tool.
  • Unparalleled visibility into customer behavior
  • Flexible pricing and subscriber centric services
  • Deliver real-time promotions
  • Easily identify up-sell opportunities
  • Offer loyalty ‘points’ and cross-service bundles
  • Quickly solve customer care issues

Enhanced Promotions and Partner Management
Redknee’s converged solution provides operators with a framework that uses advanced interactive reporting and subscriber data management to help operators reach their customers individually through targeted promotions and real-time initiatives that are relevant to the individual subscriber's needs.

TCB also supports virtual mobile network solutions - enabling service providers to be brand challengers and quickly launch multiple brands as well as enable MVNOs. In this environment, TCB enhances the marketing team's ability to react quickly to niche markets, and MVNE environments, effortlessly abstracting the complex wholesale relationships between multiple MVNOs and MNOs.
  • Uses advanced interactive reporting
  • Powerful partner management tools
  • Enhance operators’ content offerings
  • Manage wholesale or revenue share programs with suppliers and partners
  • Supports MVNOs

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