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IoT Monetization

Sophisticated Billing for the Digital Era
The growth of the Internet of Things is the defining technology trend of the next decade, with billions of connected devices generating trillions of dollars of revenue. Machina Research estimates there is a total of US$1.3 trillion in IoT revenue available to companies that have sophisticated monetization capabilities.
Redknee’s IoT Monetization Solution
Redknee’s IoT Monetization solution is a single, flexible platform that enables new revenue streams and business models across vertical markets, including:
  • Smart homes
  • Smart cities
  • Energy retail and demand management
  • Traffic management
  • Remote health care services
  • Connected car applications
  • And many more
Redknee’s IoT Monetization solution removes the complexity of requiring different monetization platforms - by providing a single platform with standards-based APIs for integration into any IoT application. This means service providers can deliver real-time billing for any type of service transaction, be it subscription-, event- or usage-based.

Designed for ultimate flexibility and scale, Redknee’s solution gives service providers the exact level of control needed all while providing sophisticated, real-time customer engagement and interaction to promote a superior customer experience.

Redknee’s IoT Monetization solution can be deployed either on-premise or via the cloud.

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