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Position Papers

  The Digital Transformation: Ten Trends to Watch into 2015  
With the digital transformation well underway, Redknee is focused on driving innovation in global communications and digital services. Here's a snapshot of what we see on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Read Now >

  Looking Beyond: Ten Trends to Watch in 2014 and Beyond
As we embark on a new year, Redknee’s CTO team outline what they think will be hot topics for 2014. Read Now >      

Best in Suite vs Best in Breed? The Debate Continues
For a number of years, service providers have debated whether the appropriate BSS software strategy should be best-in-suite or best-in-breed. Download this paper to read more on this debate. Read Now >

Monetizing 4G: What's Keeping CEOs Awake at Night?
Recent discussions about 4G has shifted from technology to how to monetize the technology.  While emerging business models range from bit pipe models to high value add offerings, with wholesale and M2M thrown in for good measure - no one business model is emerging as dominant, so there is no single roadmap to 4G success.  Read Now>


The Power of an Integrated CRM Redknee and Microsoft Dynamics
For service providers today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a combination of business policies, processes, and customer-facing strategies developed to improve customer relationships, increase revenue, and gather and analyze valuable customer data that can be leveraged across the organization. Read Now >


Leveraging Business Support Systems For High Impact Results
Redknee emphasizes the crucial role of agility and an organization’s ability to adapt to change, since the best-in-class service providers are not only able to successfully satisfy their customers’ unique needs but also able to optimize use of network resources by means of an integrated, converged, end-to-end billing system. Read Now >

Billing Transformation: The New Business of Billing
Redknee advises established communications service providers to examine their core Business Support Systems as key enablers maximizing profitability in fiercely competitive and dynamic business environments. It identifies the key characteristics of BSS solutions which will enable operators to compete effectively and evolve into agile market leaders and examines the milestones in a risk-mitigating conversion process. Read Now >

Bill Shock: Eliminating Bill Shock
Redknee advises operators to review how they are providing transparent billing as regulatory attention and the evolution towards 3G networks and beyond begins to pick up pace. The role that greater transparency and subscriber control has on preventing bill shock and driving data revenues is detailed in this paper. Read Now >

Content and Partner Settlement: Managing Complex Partnerships for Optimum Revenue Growth
Redknee discusses some fundamental shifts in the telecom industry whereby walled gardens are being replaced by trusted partner networks that bring best-of-breed content to subscribers. In such an environment, the need to rapidly adapt, expand and nurture partner relationships become paramount for a successful operator. Also discussed is the need easily on-board new types of services that have yet to be invented. Read Now >

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