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Case Studies

  Vodacom Group and Redknee Case Study

To maintain its market leading position and to deliver on its strategic goals, Vodacom needed to provide innovative services and offerings with cost controls and simplified pricing structures for subscribers to easily adopt.

Vodacom announced that it was going to launch the Vodafone Passport, an international roaming solution, on the Vodacom Group network, which required a flexible charging solution. Read how Vodacom launched the new solution that has enabled the service provider to generate new revenue streams, increase profitability and improve the customer experience. Read Now>


Enable Modern Business Applications:
Redknee Utility Suite - Moving the solution to the Cloud

When Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership that made it easier to run Oracle software in Windows-based environments, Redknee was one of the first customers to move its Oracle- based application, the Redknee Utility Suite, to Microsoft Azure. With the move, Redknee removed the cost and deployment-time barrier for customers who wish to use its product. It also provides nearly limitless scalability to utilities as their data volumes grow. With a cloud- based offering, Redknee can also more easily deploy its product in any part of the world. Read Now>


Accelerating Data Growth Strategy:
A Case Study with a Leading Tier 1 CSP in APAC

A leading Tier 1 national communications service provider (CSP), and one of the largest mobile operators in APAC providing telephony and mobile broadband services to over 147 million customers, was looking to better support its 80+ million mobile subscribers with advanced 3G data services. Operating in a highly competitive and fragmented market the Tier 1 CSP required a solution that would reduce its operating costs and simplify its operations to enable it to cater to subscriber demands for more data and value-added services.

In order to boost its data subscribers adoption, generate new revenue streams and strengthen its market position, the Tier 1 CSP needed a next generation, convergent real-time charging, rating and billing solution that would provide the flexibility and scalability to allow it to deliver advanced data services faster to the market.

Learn how this leading Tier 1 CSP is accelerating its data growth strategy by providing cost-effective tariff options and delivering an advanced and personalized customer experience to drive customer satisfaction and increase loyalty of its 80+ million mobile subscribers. Read Now >


Zain Kuwait’s Mobile Broadband Service
Following the successful launch of Kuwait’s first national wireless broadband service in 2006, Zain was looking for opportunities to bring mobile Internet connectivity to all of its subscribers in order to maximize its data revenues.

In order to bring its subscribers the enhanced customer experience it wanted, Zain Kuwait would need to change its business model, which flipped the old world of pricing in ‘bits and bytes’ on its head, and instead brought pricing into relevant packages that subscribers could easily understand and trust.

Learn how Zain Kuwait launched easy-to-use price plans, successfully targeted market segments and is effectively managing a phenomenal 500 per cent growth rate in mobile data on its network. Read Now >


A Powerful Partnership for Growth
Digicel Pacific is the fastest growing operator in the South Pacific region, with its operations in Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Nauru - all launched within just 24 months.

Digicel entered a very distinct market with a distributed and remote geographical presence. Because of this it had unique billing and customer care needs. Additionally, they were battling incumbent opposition so needed to differentiate itself and provide premium service from day one.

Find out how Digicel Pacific successfully launched in six markets within 24 months and todays provides coverage to nearly 100% of the islands population. Read Now >


Interconnect and Content Management
The second largest communications company in Indonesia, Indosat is a global leader in offering mobile users diverse and exciting content. With over 200 content providers delivering compelling entertainment, games and other mobile content, they have been very successful in capitalizing on the promise of 3G. However, the explosive growth in 3G content services challenged the organization.

Learn how Indosat met their objective for operational gains, and saved money through increased efficiency. Utilizing Redknee’s Settlement solution, disputes are resolved in record time due to faster access to events and more detailed tracking and reports are managed in a timely and resourceful manner. Read Now >

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