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Continuing the Momentum
We recently closed the acquisition of Nokia’s Business Support Systems (BSS) unit, resulting in Redknee becoming the largest independent provider of real-time, converged billing, charging and customer care solutions with 200 customers in over 90 countries. Since the announcement, people have asked me about the progress of the integration and where the company is now heading. In the short, but very exciting time since the closure of the acquisition our leadership team, which brings together the expertise and strengths of both businesses, has been focused on several key areas.
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The Future of Communications and Commerce Starts with the Customer
As participants in the telecom industry, when discussing the future of communications we tend to throw around a lot of acronyms and talk a lot about technology –such as 3G/4G and LTE, Policy Management and Control, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Network Quality and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) or Software Defined Networks (SDN), and so on. But where are our customers and their experience in this discussion? As Steve Jobs once said, “You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other way around.”
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Expert Commentary: What's Keeping CEOs Awake at Night? -Monetizing 4G
Recent discussions about 4G have shifted from technology to how to monetize the technology.  While emerging business models range from bit pipe models to high value add offerings, with wholesale and M2M thrown in for good measure - no one business model is emerging as dominant, so there is no single roadmap to 4G success. 

Thus the mobility CEO’s late night hall pacer:  after spending billions on a new network, how do we generate a return on all that CAPEX for our investors? 

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Best-in-Suite vs Best-in-Breed? The Debate Continues
For a number of years, service providers have debated whether the appropriate BSS software strategy should be best-in-suite or best-in-breed.  

During this time, the dominant approach has cycled between the two approaches.  According to the Telecom Advisory Services research, best-in-suite solutions saved operational complexity and vendor integration costs.   However, the Wall Street Journal concluded that best-in-breed is in the ascendance: “One of the oldest debates in corporate IT is whether to adopt a single vendor application suite or deploy best-of-breed packages.”   The Journal article argues that best-in-breed is substantially more efficient thanks to lower operating costs, which is exactly the same argument that best-in-suite apologists make. 

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Data and figures used here have been provided by various sources. Third-party figures and data have not been independently verified and may vary based on assumptions, methods of calculation and source data. Many factors contribute to results and performance. Redknee does not guarantee comparable results elsewhere.

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