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Achieving Carrier-Grade Performance and Intelligence

As we enter a world of connected devices, the demand for digital content and media is growing so quickly that communication service providers (CSPs) are finding it difficult to keep up.  It has been a disruptive time for service providers, who are now having to re-think the way they build their networks, how they deliver and charge for services, how and whom they partner with, and how they compete for business while controlling costs.

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Customer Conversation: Rethinking the Back-Office in Order to Drive Future Growth
Japanese triple-play service provider iTSCOM tells us how they are transforming their back-office in order to launch innovative new service offerings and to support their expansion into other verticals for a more profitable future.
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MVNO Marketplace - Where the Lines are Blurring Between Retail and Mobile Brands
This week, Amazon officially announced its intentions to launch prepaid mobile internet services in Japan, signifying that brands are increasingly entering the mobile space as MVNOs. Executives from Redknee, KPN Spain and Informa Telecoms & Media recently sat down to take a closer look at this trend and discussed the key drivers and the likely outcomes.
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The Role of Social Media to Drive Down Costs and Increase Loyalty Heats Up
In an era where customer satisfaction is vital, social networks provide a very active avenue for quick and personalized communication with your subscribers. Done right, service providers will reduce costs, prevent churn and provide a better customer experience – adding value to the operator’s goal to increase customer satisfaction. When an estimated 72 percent of respondents use social media to research a company's reputation for customer care before making a purchase – the time is now for CSPs to understand the power of integrating social media into their billing and customer care solution.
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Redknee's Global Executive Forum - Insight 2012
Redknee’s Insight 2012 Forum will bring together some of the most influential market leaders from around the globe to discover how service providers can develop new strategies and achieve the agility, efficiency and advanced skills required to meet the changing market needs.

Led by industry experts from TM Forum, Analysys Mason, and Informa Telecoms & Media, Insight 2012 will be an interactive two-day forum where we will discuss today's hot topics.
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Data and figures used here have been provided by various sources. Third-party figures and data have not been independently verified and may vary based on assumptions, methods of calculation and source data. Many factors contribute to results and performance. Redknee does not guarantee comparable results elsewhere.

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