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Happy New Year
We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season with your family and friends. As we kick off the New Year, we would like to take the opportunity to quickly recap on 2013 – which marked one of Redknee’s most transformative years since we were established 15 years ago.
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Redknee Wins Global Growth Leadership Award
Redknee’s unrivaled revenue growth in the past three years has resulted in it winning the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Global Growth Leadership Award for communications service providers (CSPs) billing.

Assessing more than 100 suppliers in the CSP billing marketplace, Frost & Sullivan’s Stratecast business support solutions (BSS) and competitive strategies team evaluated various aspects of the end-to-end billing marketplace, including rating and charging, billing, mediation, policy management, interconnect and settlement, and partner management.

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Three Step Strategy to Modernizing Billing for the Anything, Anywhere Age
Communications Service Providers need to look to agile BSS modernization as a way to transform their back-office infrastructure in order to stay competitive, enable new business models, and match customer expectations.

The mobile environment has been flipped it on its head. Gone are the days in which mobile operators set the pace of innovation behind their walled gardens. Today, innovation is driven from beyond the walls.
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Looking Beyond … Visionary Behavior
In 1492, the farthest anyone could look into the future was 12 miles. As Christopher Columbus was sailing across the Atlantic to become the umpteenth “discoverer” of a world that had long been populated, he could climb 89 feet to the top of the Santa Maria’s mainmast. Reputably a tall man (six feet was well above average for that era), from that perch Columbus could see only 12 miles to the horizon. Yet we credit Columbus as one of the greatest visionaries of the last millennium. Why? Columbus’ greatness came not because of what he could see, but because his pursuit of a vision led to a discovery that truly did change things for the whole world.

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Data and figures used here have been provided by various sources. Third-party figures and data have not been independently verified and may vary based on assumptions, methods of calculation and source data. Many factors contribute to results and performance. Redknee does not guarantee comparable results elsewhere.

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Mobile World Congress 2014
24-27 February 2014
Barcelona, Spain 
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International Smart Grid Expo
26-28 February 2014
Tokyo, Japan 
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Policy Control & Data Pricing
8-9 April 2014
Berlin, Germany 
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Icon Analyst Spotlight

Industry analyst Infonetics Research highlights how Tier 1 operators can benefit from Redknee’s policy and charging solution.

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Redknee Signs $5 Million Converged Charging Order with EMEA Multi-Play Provider

Redknee Receives $5 Million Order in EMEA 

Redknee Announces Major Follow-on Orders with APAC Tier-1 Service Provider

Redknee Signs Charging Upgrade Contract for $13 million

Redknee Signs $10 Million Charging Upgrade and New Policy Management Solution Contract

Redknee Signs Multi-Million Dollar Converged Billing Expansion in APAC

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