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Looking at the Adoption of NFV

April 18, 2017 6:33 AM | Category: Better ServicesCloud,  | by Damian Nowak

NFV, Network Function Virtualization, is an exciting topic. NFV means virtualizing network services to decouple network functions from hardware devices. This allows network services to be hosted on virtual machines resulting in cost reductions and additional flexibility to deploy multiple instances that are customized to serve different lines of business. The significant benefits are prompting many companies in traditional technology intensive industries such as telecommunications to deploy NFV technologies. While we are seeing more NFV deployments around the world, it has not yet been deployed on a mass scale. Many Tier 1 operators are still hesitant to commit to the new technology, with smaller operators likely to make the change once the larger players have deployed and rigorously tested the technology. 

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Policy Control in the ‘Now Economy’

April 13, 2017 9:00 AM | Category: Policy Control,  | by Manmohan Thampi

I was heading to the Annual Policy Control Conference – the only dedicated forum for Policy Control (PCRF) – and a forum where all PCRF players participate in sessions to promote the evolution of policy management software and its importance in the ‘Now Economy’. While at the airport in Bangalore waiting for my flight to Europe, I received a message offering 3GB of high speed data free of charge – a reward for being a frequent traveler. This was an excellent offer and an example of how sophisticated policy control solutions have become in recent years, but it also highlights how communications service providers are now proactive in their approach towards engaging customers. 

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