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Here I Go Again

August 25, 2015 7:26 AM | Category: Better ServicesPolicy Control,  | by Jens Voigt

This could be the title song for the third TM Forum survey on Real-time Convergent Charging (RTCC) and Policy, which includes a nice infographic that summarizes the survey’s results. Upon first look it confirms all of the topics the industry has been discussing for the last few years. The survey found that 93% of all surveyed believe failing to implement convergent real-time charging and policy to be detrimental to communication service providers (CSPs). It also found that greater than 50% of CSPs are already halfway through their implementation. Moreover, 85% of respondents agree that real-time charging and policy should be integrated. These revelations are not exactly surprising if you have followed the industry in recent years.

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Smart Pricing

August 12, 2015 7:46 AM | Category: Pricing Innovation,  | by Robert Hagen

Growth is good, so hypergrowth is better, right? 

Well, what seems to be trivial for many industries is not that simple for mobile operators. A fundamental change in the revenue mix, with voice revenues declining and messaging revenues often tending to zero, means mobile data hypergrowth is key for the CSPs future. Unfortunately, monetizing this hypergrowth is a different game and strategies on this game keep many CMOs awake these days.

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