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Looking Beyond … To the Connected Customer Experience

June 5, 2014 11:43 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersBetter Services,  | by Jim DeMarco

At this year’s TM Forum Live!, Redknee was proud to showcase our longstanding strategic partnership with Microsoft to highlight the live-time nature of the Connected Customer Experience in this new world, including:
-Connected retail engagements, leveraging Redknee’s Unified Retail software, featuring Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale and Dynamics AX Retail Server, to show a best practices approach enabling customers to link seamlessly their online shopping experience with their in-shop experience.
-Social customer engagement, showing Redknee Unified BSS and Microsoft Power BI business intelligence tools to link real-time campaign management with social networking tools for a more social, dynamic customer interaction.
-Real-time transaction processing, featuring Redknee’s Connected Suite, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud to support real-time charging and policy decisions for connected devices in the Internet of Things.

The focus on customer experience stems from a rather simple paradigm, one which is obvious in the retail world but which has unfortunately been lost in the telecoms space for many years: the customer is in control of their own destiny.

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