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Bill shock isn’t just for business travelers anymore. Just ask anyone with kids.

May 23, 2013 8:30 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersPolicy Control,  | by Redknee

Microsoft just released a survey that indicates unauthorized spending on smart phone apps and in-app purchases by kids in the UK could amount to £30.9m per month.  Yup, per month.  Assuming Microsoft didn’t mistake their math, as they say, that means more than half a billion dollars a year in the UK alone. And this is on top of data bill shock created by business roamers. Although this survey focused on Microsoft's advanced Windows 8 parental control features (against the supposedly weaker iOS and Android approaches – no comment from our side), the survey does provide some fundamental insights on client overspending and what to do about it.



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Transform Your Business by Making it Simpler

May 7, 2013 2:30 PM | Category: New Revenues,  | by Redknee

Today’s mobile subscribers are a sophisticated species.  In a market where practically every subscriber is equipped with smartphones and devices, there’s a growing sense of familiarity with technology and the costs of ownership. This is especially the case as consumers find it so easy to shop around, either in retail outlets or online.

Operators now accept the business imperative that says innovation is critical for success. The ability to support this change, however, often requires CSPs to update their back office systems; ensuring that they have the right foundation in place to support the newest technologies, deliver the latest services, and market more effectively to their subscribers. Before making any changes, however, CSPs need to ask what are their primary goals and objectives and what are the gaps in their systems today?
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Why Risk BSS in the Cloud? To Reduce Risk, of Course!

May 6, 2013 12:45 PM | Category: | by Redknee

A typical line item on the agenda of my meetings with customer CIOs is “what to do about the cloud.”  Some CIOs in the Tier 1 space avoid talking about the cloud, mainly because cloud computing seems outside their control, and anything outside their control is too risky to touch.  The more enlightened are more open, but usually won’t consider looking at the cloud for their mission critical systems. The thinking goes that non-critical, low-volume systems can be “cloud-ified” rather easily, with little or no risk to operations or the company’s (or their personal) reputation. But the same logic holds that business support systems (BSS) are the central nervous systems for every telcos operation, so moving BSS to the cloud may be considered a risky proposition.

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