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MVNO Marketplace - Where the Lines are Blurring Between Retail and Mobile Brands

July 18, 2012 11:15 AM | Category: | by Redknee

This week, Amazon officially announced its intentions to launch a prepaid mobile internet services in Japan, signifying that brands are increasingly entering the mobile space as MVNOs. Executives from Redknee, KPN Spain and Informa Telecoms & Media recently sat down to take a closer look at this trend and discussed the key drivers and the likely outcomes.
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For a More Profitable Future, Look to the Cloud

July 5, 2012 10:45 AM | Category: | by Redknee

I was recently asked if I have seen any changes in service provider behavior in the past year due to the continued economic uncertainties. While the global economic outlook is showing signs of improvement, I see that many service providers are still, to some extent, being fiscally conservative and holding back on making significant investments into their infrastructure. This operating environment has been a major contributing factor to the uptake of new and more agile business models that are needed to manage today’s infrastructure demands and enable service providers to successfully compete with traditional and alternative service providers in the future. The key takeaway being, service providers need customer and operational agility to adapt their business for future cost savings and increased profitability.
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