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Policy Control in the ‘Now Economy’

April 13, 2017 9:00 AM | Category: Policy Control,  | by Manmohan Thampi

I was heading to the Annual Policy Control Conference – the only dedicated forum for Policy Control (PCRF) – and a forum where all PCRF players participate in sessions to promote the evolution of policy management software and its importance in the ‘Now Economy’. While at the airport in Bangalore waiting for my flight to Europe, I received a message offering 3GB of high speed data free of charge – a reward for being a frequent traveler. This was an excellent offer and an example of how sophisticated policy control solutions have become in recent years, but it also highlights how communications service providers are now proactive in their approach towards engaging customers. 

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The Evolving World Of Policy Control

April 19, 2016 10:59 PM | Category: Policy ControlSubscriber Analytics,  | by Manmohan Thampi

Earlier this month I attended the 6th Annual Policy Control Conference in Berlin, the only event dedicated to Policy Control in the world. This year it was an exciting event that looked towards the future, with discussions centered on the evolution of the policy landscape to 2020, and new use cases focusing on service enablement and subscriber intelligence. From the opening remarks it became clear that the future for Policy Control is bright. There was significant discussion around the role of Policy Management software and its increasing importance in the network domain, the shift from “pure PCRF to Policy Management”, and the role of policy in the evolution of next generation networks (NGN).

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Here I Go Again

August 25, 2015 7:26 AM | Category: Better ServicesPolicy Control,  | by Jens Voigt

This could be the title song for the third TM Forum survey on Real-time Convergent Charging (RTCC) and Policy, which includes a nice infographic that summarizes the survey’s results. Upon first look it confirms all of the topics the industry has been discussing for the last few years. The survey found that 93% of all surveyed believe failing to implement convergent real-time charging and policy to be detrimental to communication service providers (CSPs). It also found that greater than 50% of CSPs are already halfway through their implementation. Moreover, 85% of respondents agree that real-time charging and policy should be integrated. These revelations are not exactly surprising if you have followed the industry in recent years.

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Next Wave in Policy

April 23, 2015 3:53 AM | Category: Policy Control,  | by Manmohan Thampi

While I sit in transit on my way back from the 5th Annual Policy Control Conference in Berlin, I’ve had some time to collect my thoughts and reflect on the week’s flurry of meetings, panel discussions, fresh insights and innovative use cases.

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Looking Beyond - Net Neutrality and Content Monetization

May 18, 2014 7:17 AM | Category: New RevenuesHappier SubscribersPricing InnovationBetter ServicesPolicy Control,  | by Jim DeMarco CTO

Are all packets created equal? The European Commission and the FCC disagree starkly on this question. While the EC has proposed to the European Parliament a very strict reiteration of net neutrality, in the States the FCC, guided by a federal appeals court, has indicated it will modify its regulations to support major broadband providers as they strike deals with over-the-top (OTT) content providers like Netflix for premium access to content.

The EC approach draws a bright line: all internet traffic is equal, no exceptions other than urgent content like medical information sharing that wouldn’t otherwise be publicly available. The FCC’s proposed new approach is far more nuanced: premium content can be given premium access, for a price to be paid either by the consumer or by the content provider, allowing certain consumer-saving restrictions that prevent CSPs from blocking any legal content or acting in any “commercially unreasonable” or discriminatory manner. Illegal content, as always, can be blocked. Within days of the FCC’s proposed changes, Netflix had struck deals with Comcast and later Verizon that will, in the end, allow Netflix to sponsor a guaranteed higher bandwidth for its premium video services to Verizon and Comcast customers. At the same time, Netflix has hedged its bets by signing on to an open letter from most of the largest tech companies protesting the FCC’s net neutrality plan .

This is not an esoteric debate over interconnect fees or even how the structure of the Internet will evolve. If net neutrality shifts as the FCC proposes, the implications for end consumers will be enormous. For CSPs, monetizing this fundamental shift will be mission-critical; old bundle-based subscription models just won’t apply.
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The Changing Face of Policy Management

May 8, 2014 11:00 AM | Category: Policy Control,  | by James DeMarco

The role of policy in the CSP’s technology set has changed from one of network protection to one of marketing differentiation. Last week, Redknee and Light Reading together presented a webinar called: The Power of Policy & Charging: Monetizing Next-Generation Investments & Personalizing the Subscriber Experience. This topic is attracting more interest for many service providers, as the ‘old’ role of policy management is quickly changing from network congestion management to enablement of innovative marketing offers.
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Unlocking the Potential of 4G Monetization – Where Are My Keys?

March 25, 2014 9:00 AM | Category: New RevenuesHappier SubscribersPricing InnovationBetter ServicesPolicy ControlSubscriber Analytics,  | by James DeMarco

Do you think your existing BSS infrastructure helps or hinders monetization of new 4G services? 
It’s not a trick question. In fact, according to a recent survey of CSPs worldwide conducted by Informa, the majority of global operators feel their current BSS systems prevent them from monetizing 4G properly.  Since 4G reflects a real tipping point in our industry, enabling ubiquity of bandwidth at any time of day, and since smart devices make OTT services accessible at the touch of a button, the need is ever more important and urgent for CSPs to craft rapidly responsive marketing offers that make sense to their customers and others in the value chain.  But just where the need is greatest, the ability to deliver against that need seems weakest.


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