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Our connected future

October 15, 2015 10:10 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersBetter ServicesSubscriber Analytics,  | by Dr. Ralf Guckert

Connectivity is bound to define this era. While we dream of a connected world and see science-fiction scenarios play out in the movies, the pace and adoption of innovative technology is fast. Even the way we use technology is changing, we are becoming smarter and more efficient – a characteristic set to influence every part of our lives in the years to come.

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Embracing ‘Zero’ Revenue

May 20, 2015 10:56 PM | Category: Happier Subscribers,  | by Ramesh JKP

Talk to any communications service provider these days and there are lots of questions on their minds. How do I preserve my revenues? Where will I find new revenue streams as voice and SMS revenue trends continue to approach zero? What kind of data pricing strategy should I have in order to offset voice and SMS revenues?  What should be my strategy in the world of net neutrality?  Is there any such thing as a vendor that can provide me with everything for free?  

Concerns like these can lead to questioning one’s existence as a communications service provider altogether.

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Smart Energy

February 28, 2015 10:41 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersBetter Services,  | by Michaela Radman

In light of our recent announcement supporting Digicel’s efforts in offering prepaid electricity to residents and business owners in Papua New Guinea, we would like to enlighten our readers on a goal we are focusing on in the long-term. 

This partnership with Digicel, a leading global group mobile network operator, redefines Redknee as far more than a leading provider of real-time monetization and subscriber management software. We are innovators and leading the way on furthering global digital progress. This advanced business model will not only generate new revenue streams for CSPs, but also lend the option of convenient, alternate access for energy customers purchasing electricity via their mobile phones through Digicel’s network. 

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Virtualize for Speed

October 14, 2014 6:52 AM | Category: New RevenuesHappier Subscribers,  | by Jim DeMarco

I had the privilege last week of sharing a webinar with Graham Finnie from Light Reading, where we presented about the virtues and pitfalls of systems virtualization.  Graham kindly shared some recent Heavy Reading survey results, and I got to share a few live customer cases around why communication service providers (CSPs) are choosing virtualization for mission critical systems, including for some of the first in-network mission critical systems.  Feel free to view the webinar in full and/or download the white paper I mention at the end of the webinar. 

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Looking Beyond … To the Connected Customer Experience

June 5, 2014 11:43 AM | Category: Happier SubscribersBetter Services,  | by Jim DeMarco

At this year’s TM Forum Live!, Redknee was proud to showcase our longstanding strategic partnership with Microsoft to highlight the live-time nature of the Connected Customer Experience in this new world, including:
-Connected retail engagements, leveraging Redknee’s Unified Retail software, featuring Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale and Dynamics AX Retail Server, to show a best practices approach enabling customers to link seamlessly their online shopping experience with their in-shop experience.
-Social customer engagement, showing Redknee Unified BSS and Microsoft Power BI business intelligence tools to link real-time campaign management with social networking tools for a more social, dynamic customer interaction.
-Real-time transaction processing, featuring Redknee’s Connected Suite, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud to support real-time charging and policy decisions for connected devices in the Internet of Things.

The focus on customer experience stems from a rather simple paradigm, one which is obvious in the retail world but which has unfortunately been lost in the telecoms space for many years: the customer is in control of their own destiny.

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Looking Beyond - Net Neutrality and Content Monetization

May 18, 2014 7:17 AM | Category: New RevenuesHappier SubscribersPricing InnovationBetter ServicesPolicy Control,  | by Jim DeMarco CTO

Are all packets created equal? The European Commission and the FCC disagree starkly on this question. While the EC has proposed to the European Parliament a very strict reiteration of net neutrality, in the States the FCC, guided by a federal appeals court, has indicated it will modify its regulations to support major broadband providers as they strike deals with over-the-top (OTT) content providers like Netflix for premium access to content.

The EC approach draws a bright line: all internet traffic is equal, no exceptions other than urgent content like medical information sharing that wouldn’t otherwise be publicly available. The FCC’s proposed new approach is far more nuanced: premium content can be given premium access, for a price to be paid either by the consumer or by the content provider, allowing certain consumer-saving restrictions that prevent CSPs from blocking any legal content or acting in any “commercially unreasonable” or discriminatory manner. Illegal content, as always, can be blocked. Within days of the FCC’s proposed changes, Netflix had struck deals with Comcast and later Verizon that will, in the end, allow Netflix to sponsor a guaranteed higher bandwidth for its premium video services to Verizon and Comcast customers. At the same time, Netflix has hedged its bets by signing on to an open letter from most of the largest tech companies protesting the FCC’s net neutrality plan .

This is not an esoteric debate over interconnect fees or even how the structure of the Internet will evolve. If net neutrality shifts as the FCC proposes, the implications for end consumers will be enormous. For CSPs, monetizing this fundamental shift will be mission-critical; old bundle-based subscription models just won’t apply.
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Unlocking the Potential of 4G Monetization – Where Are My Keys?

March 25, 2014 9:00 AM | Category: New RevenuesHappier SubscribersPricing InnovationBetter ServicesPolicy ControlSubscriber Analytics,  | by James DeMarco

Do you think your existing BSS infrastructure helps or hinders monetization of new 4G services? 
It’s not a trick question. In fact, according to a recent survey of CSPs worldwide conducted by Informa, the majority of global operators feel their current BSS systems prevent them from monetizing 4G properly.  Since 4G reflects a real tipping point in our industry, enabling ubiquity of bandwidth at any time of day, and since smart devices make OTT services accessible at the touch of a button, the need is ever more important and urgent for CSPs to craft rapidly responsive marketing offers that make sense to their customers and others in the value chain.  But just where the need is greatest, the ability to deliver against that need seems weakest.


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