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A Seismic Shift: A Letter from Redknee's CFO, David Charron
There is a seismic shift occurring in the communications market today. With networks constantly evolving, the realization of the much anticipated 3G services has left the industry reeling from the unbelievable success and growth of new data services, such as mobile broadband and smartphone applications.  Data growth rates are far exceeding industry analyst projections, and this has left the service provider community scrambling to keep pace – with no signs of it abating in sight. Ironically, with all of this data growth, service providers have not been reaping the rewards. Tremendous amounts of capital investment have gone into supporting these new data intensive devices and services.  Constant network build-outs and back-office upgrades have meant millions of dollars in investment but with very little revenue growth to show for it – thanks to the ‘all you can eat’ business model that so many service providers signed onto before the data explosion.
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Driving Revenue in Next Gen Networks
As data consumption explodes, revenue growth is lagging far, far behind. Operators need to consider a new business model that can capitalize on the real value of added bandwidth - one that follows that of the application and content providers, yet with the advantage of an ongoing relationship with the subscriber. Through analytics, customer profiles and real-time usage data, service providers can promote and deliver the ‘right app at the right time’ to their subscribers – and finally begin capturing their share of the data revenue gold mine.
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Eliminate Bill Shock - Know Your Subscribers
In Eliminate Bill Shock - Know Your Subscribers, Redknee is putting billing transparency under the spotlight.

The urgency for greater billing transparency and subscriber control in the wireless industry is twofold: regulatory action and the growing momentum of 3G+ networks. In its latest position paper, Redknee advises that through real-time communication and empowering the customer to interact, service providers can achieve the next level of innovation by creating a two way relationship with their subscribers. In doing so, operators not only get a better understanding of their needs but also provide more control to the subscribers and eliminate bill shock.
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Redknee Events - The Summer is Heating Up Early
Redknee has been criss-crossing the globe in the early months of summer. In case you missed us click the Read More below for a re-cap of some of the exciting events we have participated in.
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