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Lucas Skoczkowski talks about Redknee ambitions



June 25, 2015 Following the announcement that Redknee is buying Orga Systems, DisruptiveViews (DV) talked to CEO Lucas Skoczkowski about his plans for the company.

DV: Lucas, congratulations on the news. Tell us some of the reaction you are getting.

LS: Thank you, it is exciting. Actually most of the calls are full of relief and gratitude that we took this step. And very positive I would say.

DV: What is your plan for converging or integrating the technologies?

LS: First, we are bringing Ralf (Guckert), Orga’s CTO, on board to help us manage that. Second we have very complimentary capabilities, for instance the Orga product catalogue is probably the best on the market. Also, with the focus on multi-play their products support our vision in this area. We have already been investing and this allows us to take a leap forward. We will have over 950 employees in R&D, which shows you the importance we place on the platform. Some of our customers are on older, legacy systems, and this will allow us to support them with more of a product approach – to give them faster time to market and greater flexibility – over time.

DV: How do you feel about the non-telco markets that Orga was addressing? Are you ready to support those?

LS: We are already targeting non-telco markets. We have, actually, over 20 million of orders in non-telco markets since last September. We have customers in energy and retail. We are forming a non-telco business unit to leverage the telco capability. We have a big focus on industrial internet, in the enterprise space. We are seeing that telecoms billing is not growing, the market is a bit slack. Obviously the focus is moving to charging, but we need to look at new opportunities. And everything is moving to real-time. We now have systems running in the cloud, in Japan, and that is going well.

DV: Your competitors seem to be spreading out across the BSS stack, will you follow suit? What is the plan for Redknee?

LS: I think about real-time monetization. This will clearly make the world better! Actually we want to build up more capability around subscribers, so we are concentrating on self-care and analytics around them. The device is very important, too. In energy, the interaction with the device is very important, for home management, for example. What makes us competitive in telecom will help make us competitive in non-telecom. In telecom we can do three billion transactions an hour. When we go to non-telecom companies, they test us by asking whether we can do one billion a day. We tell them ‘that is fine.’ Real-time charging will become more and more important over the next few years. Also, pay as you use and ‘pay as you get value’ will become the norm.

DV: How do you see the Internet of Things panning out? Can we make money out it?

LS: So, we see this as an opportunity for a ‘real-time’ cash register that can be used to manage transactions in different ways. It is like ERP having a real-time element. You can then have real-time transactions but also real-time management. I think in non-telecoms, you will have the orchestrators and then you will have those companies big enough to go direct. The goal is to monetize the assets.

DV: Following the NSN acquisition, you gained a reputation for visiting all your new customers. Are you going to do this again, or will you take off the Superman costume this time around.

LS: That would be hard! But seriously, I already called some of our customers last night. I will be working with Wolfgang Kroh (Orga’s CEO) and others this time, and we will divide and conquer. We will do it quickly and give everyone a hug, right?

DV: How are you going to avoid losing focus if you go into these other markets?

LS: It is a good point and I think it is about leadership. As we broaden the business we will look for leaders to pursue particular domains which they really know about. My role is to continue to give them more challenges – for their personal growth you understand – and continue to make money for our investors.

DV: We have found both companies good to work with, so we think you will do good things. But you are obviously not stopping here?

LS: There are certainly others who we are talking to. We see it as about scale, global presence and a mind-set about the products, which requires funding. So, stay tuned. We need to make this a success so that our investors will continue to support us.

DV: Good luck and thank you for talking to us.

LS: A pleasure, thank you for your support and make sure to give us feedback as things develop.

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