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Redknee Solutions: James DeMarco's 2014 Trends

Developing Telecoms

Developing Telecoms

January 8, 2014 There are a number of trends that have the potential to significantly impact telecoms.

Trends to watch include LTE, VoLTE, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi, whilst not necessarily all are prevalent, will nonetheless create unique problems for operators in terms of increasing bandwidth, differentiating their brand and the best approach to implement and monetise services.

Cloud computing and virtualisation if embedded into the operator’s core and access network will dramatically change the way networks are operated and new services are rolled out. Shared resources, excess capacity management and disaster recovery approaches will evolve toward an environment where even mission critical systems will leverage shared resources, driving an efficiency of operations unprecedented in the telecommunications industry.

Consumer adoption of digital commerce is more or less complete in a number of countries but is still a separate strategy (in-store and online) in many. A single strategy through smartphones, allowing an integrated experience with payment by device will become increasingly important.

Personalisation will be another important trend, as it will enable the operator to give customers the ability to configure, manage and control the services they want. The key to this is the flexibility of the BSS infrastructure and the capabilities to let the customer manage packages as well as give them control on their usage and spending.

James DeMarco is the Chief Technology Officer at Redknee Solutions.

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